Coach Deb Chan

Deborah is intentional about living life purposefully and passionate about empowering the now and next generation to walk in the fullness of God’s unique calling.

Since young, her heart has always been drawn to the needs of the marginalised and forgotten. As a teenager and into her adult life, Deborah has volunteered and participated in missions trips across Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand and the ghettos of New York.

In 2014, she took a huge leap of faith, left the corporate world and uprooted her family to rural Cambodia. She spent two years building literacy centres, training teachers and local leaders and kick-started a volunteer program called STORM (Short Term Operation Relief Mission) – enabling young people to make difference through community development.

Deborah is the co-founder of Wiki Impact, an online platform dedicated to the impact industry. It brings together changemakers and contributors who are making a difference in their communities, businesses, and boardrooms. Get data-driven stories on issues that matter because Wiki Impact exists for the changemaker in all of us.

Deborah is also the author of ‘Live To Last’, a heart-gripping memoir that inspires others to step up and step out to be the difference. In her book, she shares pivotal events that shaped her perspective on life – from witnessing the crumbling of the World Trade Centre to her radical move to rural Cambodia.

She is the host to her own podcast ‘Hear To Last” where meaningful and authentic conversations on life matters are discussed. Deborah holds a Bachelors in Mass Communication with double majors in Journalism and Cultural Studies and she firmly believes that every day is a learning adventure.

On the home front, Deb is married to her teenhood sweetheart, Terence, and they are parents to Seth and Enya, two very curious and intuitive children who love life and people.