Sabah Credit Corporation 2-Day Communication and Presentation Skills Course (5-6 Sept’23)

Sabah Credit Corporation 2-Day Communication and Presentation Skills Course (5-6 Sept’23)

Sabah Credit Corporation invited Coach Jasmine & Coach April to conduct a 2-Day Communication and Presentation Skills Course on 5-6 Sept’23 at their HQ for their fresh recruits and new staff from across the Sabah branches.

The 30 strong participants went through 2 days of confidence building filled with fun learning activities, role-playing and opportunity to present a 2min speech with effective evaluation from Coach Jasmine and team.


Here are some feedback from the participants

  • Fun learning!
  • So much fun
  • Overall was fun, informative, & well presented.
  • Overall fun and energetic, but professional and informative
  • All I can say is i enjoy my 2 days of joining this program
  • Very good training course that trained SCC staff to be more aware of communicating and self grooming
  • Everything was nice, there isn’t really something to add. Good job and thank u
  • awesome! good encouragement for new staff who doesn’t have confidence in self whether in one by one speaking, two by two, or in group.
  • Great workshop. Able to learn so many theories and skills to be used . And able to participate in the activity directly to gain experience.
  • This is my first worksop and I like it I learn a lot. In the end this program help me how to talk in a better way. Tq
  • The best event to build your confidence and presentation skill…really helps!!
  • Excellent coach @ speaker.
  • Overall my workshop experience,i have learn how to connect with others
  • Excellent!
  • One of the best I’ve attended so far. Scouts honour 🤞🏼
  • Such are good experience
  • Well done, because increasing your confidence for speaking the communication skill. Tq
  • It is fullfiling and opens my mind more about communicating.
  • Bagus bagi Yang tidak pernah mengikuti training komunikasi kerana Banyak mengajar Cara berkesan untuk berkomunikasi
  • Fun and interesting
  • Really useful and great knowledge
  • Amazing ! I love and like this training very much because it was so interesting and fun !
  • Excellent training session being able to practice connecting with other people rather than just communicating with them.
  • Saya sangat banyak belajar tentang komunikasi dan presentations.
  • Light and easy training but what makes me less participate because of my 2nd language are still not good.

For a snippet of what transpired during the 2-day training – head over to IG/FB @coachjasmineleong to watch our Reels 🙂

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