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A Personal Development Coach, like a Life Coach, works with you in any and all areas of your life. Personal development coaches who specialise in helping people achieve specific goals and overcome obstacles to personal growth.

Goals may be related to any area of personal development, including relationships, business, finance or health and wellness.

Personal Development Coaching clients are looking to improve themselves in one or multiple ways.

The purpose of Personal Development Coaching is to improve self-awareness, create an empowering identity, unleash potential, enhance quality of life, improve social status, increase earning potential, and facilitate the achievement of personal causes and aspirations. A coach will equip you with the tools you need to reach your goals.

Under Coach Jasmine and team’s curriculum, the difference is that they will be coaching you based on John C Maxwell’s values and may introduce a book by Maxwell to work through with you depending on your need and goals.

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What Is Involved in Coaching?

Personal Development Coaching covers a wide selection of areas, from identifying ways to increase overall joy, love, wealth, and overall enjoyment of life and purpose. Clients have these things inside of them already; it is a Personal Development Coach’s role to help the client become aware of them.

A coach will start by helping you evaluate where you are and what your life is like now. Coaches use different techniques to do an assessment of your current state using powerful questions, empowering listening, training and other ways to help you understand where you are now. Please complete this google form for a pre-assessment so that Coach Jasmine and her team can understand you better

All of this leads to helping you figure out where you want to be and how you can get yourself there. You decide exactly what goals will best allow you to lead yourself to where you want to be and you can then develop a goal setting strategy with your coach. You set your goals and determine the best actions to take to achieve those goals.

Whatever area you need help with, a coach can help you with many personal issues like:

  • Personal Relationships.
  • Self-Love.
  • Discovering your Authentic Self.
  • Positive Mindset.
  • Goal Setting.
  • Increased Income.
  • Increased Joy and Passion.
  • Increased Self Confidence.
  • Reducing Stress and Anxiety.
  • Self-Motivation.
  • Discover Life Purpose and Direction
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Core Benefits of Coaching

Coaching can benefit almost anyone in almost any situation. The benefits that client achieve from their coaching experiences depend very much on what they choose to work on in their coaching. However, there are some core benefits that clients can achieve no matter what goals they choose. Regardless of the goals of the clients, coaching can help clients to:

Solve complex problems by helping clients to continually reinterpret, or reframe their problems and to continue to take actions toward resolving their problems, as well.
Learn more effectively by helping them to take ongoing actions on current, real-world goals and sharing feedback with others along the way (this is really the way that adults learn best).
Find more meaning by helping them to participate more wholeheartedly and realistically in the here-and-now, thereby helping them to live more authentic lives.


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