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Professional Certifications

LLB (Law with Human Resource Management), University of Keele, UK

Distinguished Toastmaster Award

John Maxwell Team Certified Speaker, Trainer and Coach

Find Your Purpose, Realign Direction & Life Goals

If you are feeling stuck in your current career or situation, feel you have lost direction and generally not sure of where your life is headed and what kind of goals to aim for, then Maxwell’s courses and personal coaching sessions may be for you.

Life pressures and society expectations tend to make a lot of us feel stuck in the rat race, moving towards a future that is unknown and confuse success with financial rewards that leaves an emptiness and a void that can’t seem to be filled.

Coach Jasmine and her team specialises in clarifying your purpose, goals and direction by using Maxwell tried and test methods and values to bring out the best in you and maximise your potential.


Training Courses

Provide up to 8 modules of Leadership & Communication Courses online. Each module is 8 – 10 sessions, suitable for individuals and/or groups.

Personal Coaching

Coach Jasmine and her team of qualified trained coaches are available to journey with you one on one at 2hrs/session in 4, 8 or 12 session packages.

Keynote Speaker

Coach Jasmine is also available as a keynote speaker for events
on any of the leadership topics. Duration of the keynote can be anything from 45mins – 2hr sessions.

John Maxwell's Message Of Endorsement

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Ernie Zainie
Ernie Zainie
Enrolled in this 8 weeks program 'Everyone Communicates, Few Connect' with Coach Jasmine Leong from the John Maxwell Training Group together with an amazing bunch of individuals, all of us so eager to learn how we can unleash our potentials by improving the way we connect...

1 hour per week, every Wednesday for the next 8 weeks. This is going to be interesting 💪😀😊🤗. Sharing a powerful quote i learned from last nights class... 'people don't know care how much you know until they know how much you care' 😍🤗😘❤️

Tq Coach Jasmine for 'connecting' us through the first class.
Vellarry May
Vellarry May
“The capacity to learn is a gift; The ability to learn is a skill; The willingness to learn is a choice.” Brian Herbert.

Investing myself in personal growth by participating NO LIMIT course was a right choice. Despite being so occupied, I dont want to say no to this opportunity to learn. Throughout this course, a lot of self reflection questions came into my mind like missing puzzles that I can relate to my life, for instance my reaction to every difficulty and challenges that I faced in the past and how I can do better today.

When I lift off my limiting belief of focusing too much on myself & focus on how I can add value to others, I feel less anxious and grounded with my life purpose. Say Yes to every opportunity, and figure it out how to do it along the journey. Finally, the right mindset and attitude are the most important before anything✨

Thank you coach Jasmine Leong Mei Ping Coach Jasmine Leong 🥰☺️
Angela Lu
Brace yourself for an invaluable growth experience! As a coach, Jasmine has consistently shown to be passionate and determined in supporting my self-discovery and growth. Because she sought to understand my background and current life, every coaching session was tailored accordingly in relevance to my needs. Aside from continuously challenging me to consider and reflect on numerous difficult questions, Jasmine has also offered many practical suggestions (easily implemented and achievable) to ensure my continued growth. Unafraid to share her own personal experiences, Jasmine was able to guide me in realistically utilising and applying John Maxwell’s teachings in my life. My time with her has undoubtedly shaped how I now perceive and approach life and its experiences.

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