Coach Deb Chan

Author, Speaker, Podcaster, Co-founder of Wiki Impact and nation builder. Coach Deborah is passionate about living life purposefully and empowering the next generation so that they can make positive change in society and reach their full potential. 

With over 18 years of experience in the impact industry, Coach Deborah co-founded Wiki Impact, a digital platform devoted to the impact industry. She recognized need to make impact and nation building more accessible to the next generation. To achieve that, Wiki Impact breaks down complex social issues into bite-sized, data-driven and informative posts to inspire the everyday Malaysian to make a difference.

She is also the author of ‘Live To Last’, a heart-gripping memoir written to inspire youth and young adults to step up and step out to make their lives count. In the book, she shares pivotal events that have shaped her perspective on life – from witnessing the crumbling of the World Trade Centre to her radical move from the corporate world to rural Cambodia. 

She is also host to her own podcast ‘Hear To Last” where meaningful and authentic conversations on life matters are discussed. Deborah holds a Bachelors in Mass Communication with double majors in Journalism and Cultural Studies.