Miss Scuba International Public Speaking Workshop Nov’23

Miss Scuba International Public Speaking Workshop Nov'23

Miss Scuba International Organisation invited Coach Jasmine and team to conduct a half-day Public Speaking Workshop for 20+ of their international participants from all over the world!

Coach Jasmine brought them through vocal exercises and taught them the tips and tricks to answer their finalist interview questions confidently.

Some of the feedback from participants as follows

    What is your key Takeaway from the Workshop:

  1. How to have a short and clear answer and the importance of voice.
  2. How to structure my speech, how to stay confident before and during the presentation, how to get personal experiences and catch the attention of audience in the speech
    I gained the skills and courage to speak on stage!
  3. Talking points and importance if usp
    How to control yourself, compose and articulate your points during a speech
  4. That with the right key points and personal stories in the front of your mind, you can answer any question they throw at you. And that is it really important how you speak because if you don’t do it right, people will not get your key points.
  5. How to prepare for unexpected question
    I have learned how to better articulate the points I am trying to get across. It’s been incredible!!!
  6. I have learnt the key points that I need to focus on, I have gotten confidence on how to prepare
  7. Power, when speaking personalize the and and add value key points to get audience and the engagement

Would you like Coach Jasmine and team to be back next year?

  • Yes. I would have loved if the session would have been longer
  • Absolutely. A full day session will be even better
  • Yes she is amazing I think she is a valuable part of this process!
  • I would like for jasmine and the team to back next year for the coaching and public
For a snippet of what transpired during the training – head over to IG/FB @coachjasmineleong to watch our Reels 🙂

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