Sabah Tourism Board – Team Building 3 Dec’22

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Sabah Tourism Board - Team Building 3 Dec 2022

Coach Jasmine and team were invited to conduct a team building and Communication workshop during the organization’s annual family day retreat and awards night!

It was a day filled with high energy and excitement as everyone was ready to compete as a team:) 80 of them were split into teams of 8 using colours to be in theme with their evening colour blocking dresscode. Coach Jasmine started with a Dance Off warm-up to match their energy and bring the hype of team competitiveness to the fore.

She then brought everyone through a Communication temperaments test which revealed the colour each individual including activities and exercises to demonstrate the importance of meeting the needs of that particular temperament to better understand and communicate. She also talked about how Communication goes beyond words and demonstrated the importance of body language and tone using her theatre open scenes activities to great laughter and team camaraderie.

The afternoon activity was in collaboration with Asia Ability, where teams had to build a raft made of cardboard and race it back and forth the pool.

See below for what participants thought of the day:)



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