Shangri-la Rasa Ria 6-month Leadership Gold course May – Nov’23 (Session#1 May’23)

Shangri-la Rasa Ria 6-month Leadership Gold course May - Nov'23

Session#1 May'23

Rasa Ria Leadership Team started their 6-month leadership journey with Coach Jasmine and Team on Leadership Gold, the 26-chapter gold mine on Leadership by John C Maxwell.

The course will include personal one-on-one coaching as well as 5-6 full-day group sessions. The first session was held at the Rasa Ria Resort Training Academy where the course was introduced and participants went through the first 5 chapters of leadership including

  1. If it’s Lonely at the Top, you’re not doing something right
  2. The Toughest Person to Lead is Yourself.
  3. Defining Moments define your leadership
  4. If you get kicked in the rear, you know you’re out in front! – How to manage Criticism
  5. Never work a day in your life – finding your passion in work!


All 15 leaders engaged fully and participated in the activities, sharing as well as daring to be vulnerable throughout the session, realising that being a leader really is all about influence and that one is not able to lead if one does not lead oneself well first!

Coach Jasmine and the team look forward to further interactions with them throughout this 6-month journey!

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