Shangri-la Rasa Ria 6-month Leadership Gold course May – Nov’23 (Session#5 17th Oct’23)

Shangri-la Rasa Ria 6-month Leadership Gold course May – Nov’23 (Session#5 17th Oct'23)

Our final session of Leadership Gold ended with a bang as each participant gave their 3 minute transformation journey of how they grew and developed not only themselves but their team as a leader!


We’re so proud of each of them as they shared their 3 main chapters and how they have applied each tool to their various departments.


Here are some of the snippets of their speeches:

  • “One of my key takeaways was organising my time and role. After Coach Jasmine’s suggestion, I now have my inner team of 3 who are empowered to rise up and take up more responsibilities. They report to me and in turn I get to grow and develop them as a value team member and leader of their own. I now can go home 1hr earlier!”
  • “Our Sales Team is always busy doing our own thing that we sometimes lose touch with each other. From the training sessions I have realised how important it is to bond, touch base and grow as a team. Now, every Wednesday we spend 10mins just playing creative games! (Sorry not sorry Coach Jasmine, but I have stolen all your games ideas!) Now our team camaraderie has improved and we’re closer and more supportive of each other.”
  • “I used to think that I have to know everything and every detail! After our 1on1 coaching session with Coach Jasmine, she taught me how to delegate certain tasks and keep the main thing the main thing, as what the chapter title tells us to do. I realise that I don’t have to know everything but someone in my team will have to know it. Now, my stress level is lower and I don’t need to drink as much coffee anymore!”
  • “I initially thought that being in finance department, there was no need for leadership training – I didn’t see the relevance in being trained as a leader. However, after this 6 months course, I realise that there is so much more to my role than just getting reports from my team! I now learn to really listen to my team and have a better relationship with them. Before this the only question I asked them was “Is it done?” Now I learn to ask better more open ended questions:)”
For a snippet of what transpired during the session – head over to IG/FB @coachjasmineleong to watch our Reels 🙂

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