Suria Capital Holdings – Communication & Presentation Skills 2 Days 24-25th May’23

Suria Capital Holdings - Communication & Presentation Skills (2 Days )

Coach Jasmine and team conducted a 2-day Communication & Presentation Skills workshop at Suria Capital Holdings brand new office location at Jesselton Quay, Kota Kinabalu between 24-25th May’23.

The 26 participants learned the importance of understanding the colours they communicate on Day 1, including the 7 principles and practices of communication from John C Maxwell’s book and course Everyone Communicates Few Connect. On Day 2, we delved into the remaining 3 principles and practices including specific skills of the voice needed to present in front of an audience. Each participant was required to give a 2-minute prepared speech with a structure and message, including being evaluated on the spot.


The workshop was a success and here are some of the comments by participants after the course.

If you wish to find out more about Communication and Presentation Skills, connect with Coach Jasmine and team today 🙂


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